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Party Planning?

At Guess Who? we stock a large assortment of wine and beer glassware, from everyday use to the most luxurious and a wide selection of accessories. Of course, Guess Who? also offers a massive selection of fine wine, spirits and the largest beer selection in the state. Stop by our store and talk with a Manager to see what we can do for you.


5 Simple Tips for your event:

-Alcohol consumed at an event varies based on your guests

-Your guests have a range of preferences

-The time of day chosen for the reception will also impact the amount of alcohol consumed

-Guests tend of consume more at evening and late-afternoon

-guests will consume one drink per person per hour


Spirits/Wine Contents
Champagne 6 glasses
1liter of Spirits 18 drinks
Case of beer 24 bottles
Case of wine 12 bottles
Wine 5 glasses



For Every Event

Guess Who? is going to be your favorite for all your event needs, from wine, spirits and the largest beer selection in the state to mixes and accessories for every event, we can make planning a little more simple for you!

Every event that is well-planned will turn out memorable. These are some of the details you may want to consider.

  • What type of event do you want to have? (cocktail party with light Hors d’oeuvres, sit-down dinner with wine, barbeque and beer, etc.)
  • How long is the party going to be?
  • What time of day is the party?
  • What kinds of drinks do you want to offer?


At Guess Who? we’re here to help. The rule of thumb is that the average drinker will consume 1.5 drinks per hour, unless you serve spicy or salty foods.

Come see our Manager  and find out what they can help with your event!

Guess Who? wants you and your guests to have a good time at your event, but we want you to remember to drink responsibility.